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  • - Our marble tile collection is an eclectic blend of stunning merchandise from around the world.  Empress Green from Taiwan, Rosso Laguna from Algeria and Pakistani Inca Gold just to name a few.
  • - Explore our selection to find that "perfect match" to your special project.

Marble: is typically a calcium based, sedimentary material, formed underground from decaying plant and mineral life compounded under heat and pressure for millions of years.  It is typically polished to a high shine and has an elegant look and quality to it.  One way to remember the durability of marble is to remember this word association: marble is calcitic, so anything acidic will negatively affect it.  Acidic things include wine, fruit juice, food; things you typically find in the kitchen.  This is why we do not recommend marble for kitchens.  It can be stained and permanently etched. 

Marble Uses: Marble makes a great surface for flooring throughout the home, shower walls, fireplace surrounds and countertops where food will not come into contact with it.


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