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Bianco Romano Polished

Bianco Romano Polished
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Bianco Romano Polished

Bianco Romano Polished is a granite slab with large grains in shades of grey.

Granite is an incredibly hard and dense natural material that is commonly used for kitchen countertops because it is resistant to scratching, acids, and heat.

Because it is incredibly hard and dense and is non-absorbent, granite can also be used in wet areas, on floors, walls, fireplace surrounds and in outdoor applications.

The shine on polished granite is polished into the surface using fine abrasives. It is not a topical coating and will not wear off from normal use.

The Leather finish is applied to the surface with diamond - tipped brushes that leave a dimpled texture.

Although granite is resistant to acid etching, it isn’t indestructible. Over time,acidic cleansers may cause pitting. We recommend using a pH-natural stone cleanser.

Monterrey Tile does not recommend placing hot items directly on the surface of any natural stone slab. The sudden temperature change can cause thermal shock, which may crack the surface. Additionally, liquids and oils on the surface of a hot pot/pan can cause discoloration.


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Interior Wall


Kitchen Countertops

Bathroom Countertops

Shower Wall


x" x" x 2cm


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Purchased my natural split face ledgestone panels from here and used them for my kitchen backsplash. Absolutely love the quality of the product. They have so many different materials to choose from. Highly recommend!

QueenGina AZ

"Best selection and best service of any flooring store period!"

Heather Miller

"Jeff helped select a great tile and stone combination for our bathroom counter."

Jeff Miller