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Stereo Wave
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Stereo Wave

Forest Elements is an environmentally friendly collection of thermally modified wood mosaics for use on interior accents and walls. Every piece in the Forest Elements collection is handcrafted to showcase the unique characteristics of the wood that went into its production.

Forest Elements’ eco-friendly process of treating wood in a state-of-the-art kiln changes the structure of the wood by removing organic compounds and most of the water. This makes the thermally-modified wood more durable and able to withstand seasonal changes, without the use of chemicals. The modified wood is more durable and able to withstand seasonal changes. It is also more biologically resistant to insects, less water absorbent, lighter in weight, and darker in color. A UV topcoat ensures a beautifully protected product.

Forest Elements is committed to protecting Mother Nature. Wood used in the Forest Elements collection is 100% sourced from American and Canadian timber companies. Used sawdust and scrap wood is recycled. Retail packaging is made from recycled material.

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Purchased my natural split face ledgestone panels from here and used them for my kitchen backsplash. Absolutely love the quality of the product. They have so many different materials to choose from. Highly recommend!

QueenGina AZ

"Best selection and best service of any flooring store period!"

Heather Miller

"Jeff helped select a great tile and stone combination for our bathroom counter."

Jeff Miller